Our meat dishes are all named after parts of the adjoining natural area ‘De Slufter’.  Our fish dishes are named after ships that sank around the island. Please have a look at some of our dishes:

"De Lange Dam" 

Marinated pork spare-ribs cooked on the grill. Covered in sweet syrup and served with homemade garlic sauce. This dish is an ‘old-times-favourite’ and makes you want to eat as much as you can.....and of course this is possible too!

"De Acht Bunder"

Lamb racks and lamb steak served with a homemade honey and thyme sauce. Where else would you rather eat lamb than on an island full of sheep?


This dish is not named after a natural area but definitely one of the favourite dishes of the restaurant. Fried pork satay covered in a peanut butter sauce...hmmm. You can choose if you like it to be served with chips of bread. Enjoy!


We serve this fried plaice with a lovely sauce that makes it taste even better...


Three in butter fried soles. They are served natural and makes you want to eat your fingers along with them.

Wines and Beers

We can also give you a choice between several wines who accompany our dishes.

Lunch at Paal 28 

Between 12.00 and 17.00 o’clock we offer our lunch menu with several nice sandwiches, rolls and salads. Wouldn’t you just like to try some of the following choices! Roll with fried warm ham with a slice of goat’s cheese on top, sprinkled with a honey-mustard sauce. Roll with smoked salmon topped with scrambled eggs. You can make your choice between a ciabatta, a wholemeal or an Italian roll. Our salads are also diverse and really nice to eat when you’re looking for something light.

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